Little puppy with her fur burned was wandering through a yard. With love and a new friend she shone again

Pixie Princess was scarcely recognisable as a pitbull pup when she fled from her ‘home’ and walked into a stranger’s yard. Her fur had all fallen off, and her small little body was covered with horrible sores and scabs.

The concerned dog owner immediately called animal control and requested that they come take up a five-week-old stray who had been burned and was in serious need of medical care!

Pixie had not been burned, according to the vets, which was great news! However, it was still awful news in the sense that her anonymous “caretakers” were not truly caring for her.

Pixie’s “burns” were caused by a severe case of demodex mange. That explained her hair loss as well as the scabs all over her body.

She was scratching herself like crazy because she was itching so badly from the mite infestation.

LifeLine Animal Project opted to place the beautiful 4-pound pup with experienced foster mama Daphne Bragg, who was ready to lavish Pixie with all the loves and kisses that any developing puppy requires.

“When I saw her, I was like, ‘Oh my God, you are coming with me!’” ‘After that, she never left my side.’”

The first order of business was to treat Pixie’s mange, which required numerous medicinal baths.

Daphne’s tub was transformed from a boring plastic pail to a fancy kitchen sink once she took Pixie home!

“Once I got her home she was so little she got her baths in my kitchen sink.”

When the scabs and sores started to heal, Pixie began to look even balder than when she was first brought in. This, however, was completely normal and part of the healing process.

Pixie was so little at five to six weeks old that she needed to learn how to be the best puppers ever from a real live doggy mom.

“…she kind of needed to learn those social skills from other dogs.” She had the strongest bond with my dog Elliot.”

Elliot had a similar, terrible start to life. He, like Pixie, was a little stray when he was first rescued.

When Daphne first took him home, her other dogs taught him how to be a part of the pack, and now he was about to do the same for Pixie.

“They were patient with him and made him feel at ease.” And he’s now one of the big dogs.”

Elliot and Pixie were the perfect couple and were completely inseparable! They played together, and she acquired some key canine social cues from him, which no human parent can ever truly teach her.

“I don’t know if he remembers being in that phase, but he really kind of took on the role that the other dogs took on when he came into the house.”

Pixie’s lively nature started to surface, and she had a lot of affection to give, in addition to all the puppy energy she was constantly expending with her temporary father.

“Her puppy enthusiasm started to come out. They had each other for sure.”

“She was like a little peach fuzz puppy.”

Pixie recovered quickly thanks to all of the love and attention she was receiving, and the difference in her was palpable. New hairs started sprouting up like weeds!

After that, it was all over for this secret ginger-haired beauty. Her secret has finally been revealed!

“We could start to tell that she was going to be a little redhead.”

“She’s the perfect puppy.”

Daphne and Elliot cared after Pixie for about 6 weeks before it was time for her to find her new home, and it didn’t take long before the lively little gingerbread cookie was picked up by a loving family!

“She was definitely a difficult one to give up.” But being able to witness that metamorphosis makes fostering worthwhile.”

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