Chained Dog That’s Slighted By Owner And Couldn’t Lie Down, Only Wants One Thing

We hear stories like this all too often. A family gets a dog only to keep him chained outside in every imaginable weather condition: cold, rain, and scorching heat.

It’s brutal and heartless, yet this was Hank’s only life. When rescuers received a call from a concerned neighbour, they realised they had to act.

They were shocked when they arrived to Hank’s residence. In the cold rain, he sat on a chain. There was muck all over the place. He didn’t even have a water or food bowl.

What kind of family abandons their dog in this manner? The authorities intervened, and the rescue organisation was able to transport Hank that day!

The rescuers received some bad news at the vet facility. Hank wasn’t feeling well. He had distemper, which only had a 50% chance of survival.

The poor puppy was famished and anaemic. His immune system was weakened. This meant Hank required a lot of one-on-one care. The rescue organisation requested assistance over social media.

Two women walked up, eager to take Hank home. They volunteered to care for him 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hank not only received medications, proper shelter, and food, but he also received a lot of love.

His adoptive moms made certain he attended every doctor’s appointment, ate properly, and slept soundly (on the sofa or in their bed!). Outside, not on a chain!)

Hank was finally at ease and at home. He spent his days relaxing. He was sick and frail, but he still managed to wag his tail and sit on his mothers’ laps.

Hank was young enough to enjoy a long life, but his prior owner wrecked that for him. Hank continued to deteriorate despite receiving adequate care from puppyhood, including immunisations and proper nourishment.

While Hank’s death is devastating, knowing that he spent his final days feeling loved is an accomplishment in and of itself. A HAPPY LIFE SHOULD BE THE RIGHT OF EVERY DOG. This is how Hank found happiness.

He crossed the rainbow bridge in his mother’s arms, whispering, “We love you, Hank.” Sweet boy, rest in peace!

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