Homeless Dog Never Had A Bath Before ‘Til Rescuers Treat Her Like The Queen She Is

Baths are generally disliked by dogs. They would rather not be cleaned, shampooed, or even blown dry. When a dog first receives a bath, the experience can be either memorable or forgettable. For one homeless dog in Oklahoma, her first bath has piqued the Internet’s interest.

Blossom, a once-homeless dog residing on the porch of an empty house, was just scraping by. She was so terrified of humans that the rescue team struggled to get close to her.

After feeding her food and drink, she acquired enough trust. A close check revealed significant skin concerns once she arrived at the shelter. A bath was in order in order to get her the assistance she need.

Blossom’s first bath video shows the dog having no concept what is going on. WOOF Pet Rescue of Woodward Oklahoma took their time with her and treated her like a queen.

Keep watching to the end because Blossom has a charming visitor before snuggling into her blanket.

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