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After severely abusing his Staffordshire bull terrier to the point that it lost an eye and became permanently crippled, the owner of the vicious dog was put behind bars.

twisted At his Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, home, Jack Carling, 19, “tortured” his dog Biggie by never letting him or his other pet dog, Sophie, go for exercise.

Carling was given a lifelong ban from owning animals and a three-month jail sentence at Hull Crown Court.

Cruel: Unemployed After mistreating his beloved Staffordshire bull terrier Biggie (right) and his other dog Sophie, Jack Carling, left, was sentenced to three months in jail and was prohibited from owning animals.

Abused: Biggie was determined to have multiple mended fractures and lost an eye as a result of the injuries caused by Carling.Abused: Biggie was determined to have multiple mended fractures and lost an eye as a result of the injuries caused by Carling.

The doctors determined that “malicious trauma” was the source of all of Biggie’s wounds.

District Judge Frederick Rutherford declared, “It almost begs belief that this dog has endured such torture.”

As seen Biggie and his other dog, Sophie, lived in fear of their master, according to Troy Allen, who shared a home with Carling.

Troy claimed that Jack would become enraged with the dogs because he saw him beating them, according to prosecutor Philip Brown. He added that in order to conceal from [Carling], they would squeeze into the tiniest of spaces.

He promised to defeat them each and every day. They would just remain terrified on the couch because he wouldn’t let them go.

Care: In addition to being mistreated, it was discovered that Biggie and Carling’s second dog, Sophie (right), had been housed in totally inappropriate circumstances.

On January 7, Biggie and Sophie were taken by the RSPCA. According to Mr. Brown, “there was evidence of a hip fracture and a self-healing fracture to [Biggie’s] leg.” Additionally, one eye had to be removed due to an injury.

In addition, he had a nasal discharge that persisted despite antibiotic treatment. Veterinarians opted to perform an extensive, invasive procedure to open up the nasal cavity because it was giving them so much worry.

Veterinarians found during Biggie’s surgery that a portion of his skull was ten times thicker than it should have been. Veterinarians determined that the damage to tissue and cartilage was also caused by trauma.

Biggie has recovered well from his terrifying experience. It’s time for him and Sophie to find new homes.

Mr. Brown stated: “The repeated, malicious trauma he endured caused him great physical suffering.” He has lived in constant anxiety, never knowing what the future held for him. He will always be crippled.

“This sweet dog should not have to endure this kind of treatment,” the veterinarian says.

The canines were reportedly kept in “wholly unsuitable” living circumstances, with excrement and urine all over the floor, according to testimony given to the court.

Carling told RSPCA inspector Hannah Bryer that he “didn’t care” what she said and that there was nothing she could do about it when she started her investigation.

Carling entered a guilty plea to charges of inflicting needless suffering, neglecting to shield the dogs from harm or illness, and failing to give them a decent place to live.

He has a history of violent convictions. “I have known Jack for many years and I am surprised at the extent of the suffering he accepts causing this animal,” Michael Robinson remarked in an attempt to lessen the situation.

He said Carling had entered a guilty plea at the first available chance.

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