Puppy Dumped In Right Lane Of Busy Interstate Sleeps Smiling In His Bed

Roger was driving down a busy highway, talking on the phone with his wife, when he noticed a dog by the side of the road. R2, the little boy, was sitting in the right lane of traffic, and Roger knew he had to move quickly to save him.

He instantly drove off the road, and the dog raced into his arms as soon as R2 spotted him. When Roger put R2 in the car, the little dog quickly fell asleep in his lap, demonstrating an unbelievable amount of trust in his saviour. This was the start of an exciting journey for R2, who would soon find a loving forever home and leave behind his horrific past.

R2 was coated in ticks and fleas when Roger discovered him. Roger immediately returned his wife’s call, instructing her to contact their veterinarian in order to give R2 the greatest chance of a healthy life. R2 had spent his entire life in a box, which explained his strange behaviour and physical difficulties, according to the vet.

Regardless of his past, R2 quickly adjusted to his new life. Within a week and a half, he was looking like a normal, happy puppy, enjoying his first taste of peanut butter and learning to walk on grass without fear. R2’s new parents enrolled him in physical therapy to help with his flat feet, which were caused by time spent in a crate.

R2’s adaptability and resilience continue to astound his new family. He quickly became attached to Roger and his daughter, wagging his tail and smiling whenever they came into the room. R2 also gets along well with other animals, making him an ideal complement to the family’s existing collection of rescued pets.

Roger’s wife realised right away that they couldn’t let R2 go, and he was soon legally adopted as their fourth dog. R2’s physical treatment is still ongoing, and the family is working to help him feel more comfortable with new situations, such as travelling to Home Depot or sleeping in a bed for the first time.

This touching account of R2’s rescue and transformation serves as a reminder of the transformative power of love and compassion. R2 was able to overcome his past with the help of his adoring family and embrace a bright future full of cuddles, experiences, and, of course, plenty of peanut butter.

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