This Man Quits His Job To Travel The Country And Save Dogs From Shelters

Lee Asher was raised in Los Angeles, California, by an unusual family of nine rescued animals who lived alone. Since he was a child, Asher had felt he was intended to aid animals in need, and he had rescued 16 of them.

Asher used to spend a lot of time as a child at an animal shelter near his house, learning about the rescue process. As a result, he realised that his adult life’s mission would be to rescue animals and assist them in finding homes to the greatest extent feasible.

“I always knew I’d grow up with a house full of rescued animals,” Asher told The Dodo, “so where I am today comes as no surprise to me or anyone who has known me since I was a child.”

The man brought seven dogs, Yaffa, Molly, Cali, BoBo, Butters, Haven, and Lillie, and two cats, Whisky and Goose, to his house.

He has always been capable of assisting these beings. They were all rescued from various sorts of abandonment and have gone on to live beautiful lives as a result.

Asher explains, “Inspiration comes from a love for dogs and the realisation that by rescuing a dog, you are not only saving a life, but also making room for more rescued animals to be adopted.” It’s a win-win situation that feels terrific.”

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