The staff at the animal shelter finds a Pit Bull mother and her ten newborn puppies abandoned on their doorstep

Being a new mum entails a lot of effort and worry! One pit bull mother’s work was made even more difficult when she was abandoned on the frigid steps of the Sacramento SPCA office with her litter of ten puppies. The dog and her babies were in a bad situation because they had no food, no water, and nothing comfy to lay on. Fortunately, the SPAC crew was ready to assist!

Employees said the puppies were tiny, having been delivered shortly before the mother was placed on the doorstep. While we’re sure this sweet mom was perplexed as to why she was left and probably wanted to flee after her owners, she stayed by her babies’ side and did everything she could to keep them safe.

While the shelter was relieved that they had found the dog and that she had been left on their doorstep rather than someplace else, they were faced with a difficulty. While the shelter generally places its dogs in foster homes, it seemed implausible that anybody would want a mother dog and ten puppies at the same time!

Surprisingly, a nice guardian angel appeared just in time and offered to take on the entire family. It was love at first sight, with the foster father bending down to pet the puppies and the mom gladly allowing him to.

Not only did the foster father have a great time caring for the family, but he also shared some of their happiness with the rest of the world by posting images of them on social media.

Finally, the foster father cared for the puppies for several months, until they were old enough to be weaned and left alone. The shelter then separated them and placed them in separate, loving homes!

The future probably looked bleak for this poor mom when she was left on the shelter steps with her litter of newborns; however, thanks to the dedication of the shelter staff, the foster dad, and those willing to adopt the puppies, it appears that these dogs will have bright lives ahead of them!

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