The resilient dog who survived a house fire and went on to find happiness and love with her new mother, can’t stop smiling.

Lotus’ sparkling smile and wagging tail are irresistible when you first meet her. This is the story of a strong dog who survived a home fire and later found happiness and love with her new mother. Despite her horrific background, she has become an inspiration to everyone who meets her.

After a house fire, this magnificent dog, used for breeding, was found. It’s difficult to comprehend how an animal who had experienced such a traumatic event could yet manage to smile despite the pain. But she did exactly that, winning the hearts of everyone who saw her.

Lotus was not afraid when she first arrived at her new home. Instead, she appeared to be looking for somewhere to rest her head. Due to her injuries, she was unable to leave the house for the first few months. It was during this period that she developed a deep bond with her new mother, Kristen.

As she healed, she was eventually allowed to go outside and investigate her new surroundings. One of Lotus’ most lovable characteristics is that she lies in the centre of the sidewalk, waiting for someone to come by and pet her. It was clear that she desired love and attention.

Kristen first saw Lotus becoming eager and mobile when she discovered her love for a pink piggy toy. She would proudly carry the piggy toy in her mouth, wagging her tail and displaying her newfound delight. The toy was really meaningful to her. It felt like they were soulmates!

To commemorate her love of the piggy toy, her mother set up a surprise in the hallway: an assortment of piggy toys of all sizes for her to select from. The sight of so many toys looked overwhelming at first, but it was clear that she was in her element. She now has enough inspirational toys to last a lifetime.

Lotus has been an inspiration to everyone who meets her. Her story shows us that with love and drive, healing is achievable! She may have scars on the surface, but her heart is flawless! Despite her ordeal, Lotus has found happiness with her new mother. Her contagious smile and tail wags tell it all! Thank you to Lotus’ rescuers and Kristen for giving her the ‘pawfect’ life!

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