Thе Onе-Eyеd Dog Who Was Abusеd Is Now Liνing A Happy Lifе

A dog that was mistreated by her owners has inspired thousands of animal lovers across the world by exhibiting her bravery and desire to survive. Unfortunately, her story is a mirror of certain people’s callous and disgusting conduct, who ruthlessly attack these lovely individuals, inflicting them severe bodily and emotional harm.

The dog that lost an eye now enjoys a new opportunity.

This is the story of Bubbles, a bull terrier dog that was shot by a callous guy, causing her to lose an eye and part of her jaw. As if it wasn’t enough, the diagnostic revealed that she had been viciously beaten.

This lovely dog had a traumatic past; she was just six months old when she was rescued by a dog shelter in Houston, Texas.

When she was abused, she was only six months old.

At the shelter, they performed all necessary exams, including a CT scan that revealed the bullet’s exact trajectory.

Unfortunately, the bullet caused major injuries, causing him to lose his right eye and part of his jaw, as well as damage to his inner ear.

His recovery was gradual, but he eventually produced the greatest results.

Bubbles had a long road to recovery, but she was not alone this time; she had the support of kind and kind people who did everything they could to see her healthy and strong.

Kilyn Horton Blanchard and her husband, Ike Blanchard, owners of a mobile dog grooming firm, volunteered to care for the dog.

She is a lively and friendly dog that enjoys playing with youngsters.

When they learned about her story in 2017, they felt they had to help her. Kilyn stated in this regard:

“Her right jaw joint had been broken, and the broken bones had healed into a calcified mass. Bubbles’ mouth could barely expand about an inch and a half. It’s incredible that she can eat.”

Although the couple merely wanted to save the dog, her kindness and desire to fight for her life won them over, and they eventually adopted her.

Bubbles had found a loving family and was continuing his recovery in a place where he was always given the attention he needed.

Kilyn recalls with emotion the time she adopted her:

“She was sleeping in her kennel, but the instant we opened it, she came out and put her head in my breast and simply wanted to be hugged.”

This lovely dog’s story crossed borders and won over thousands of people from all around the world. Bubbles is now well and joyful after four years of recovery; her injuries are a thing of the past.

She is now an enthusiastic dog that welcomes this new chance; she enjoys smiling and moving her tail delicately while sharing with others.

Bubbles adores being the center of attention.

Their adoptive parents encourage others to adopt pups that have experienced a traumatic past. They require particular care, as well as a lot of love and patience, to help them break free from the shell in which they were trapped.

“There is a lot of cruelty in the world, but we want people to know that seeing an injured or mistreated shelter dog doesn’t always mean it’s broken; sometimes they’re just terrified – all they need is a little love and they have a lot to give in return,” Kilyn said.

Bubbles has become a celebrity, so much so that a book was written for him, a wonderful story to teach understanding and compassion for others.

This adorable dog also attends various events in order to make more people aware that animal maltreatment is a real and underlying problem in our society. Killin stated:

“Currently, we are attempting to persuade her to work with different animal rescue facilities to increase awareness of cruelty to animals, including traveling to schools and talking to young people about how to properly care for animals. We want to tell her story, but we want to focus on her future and show people that her difficult past does not have to decide her future. We also aim to promote charity and goodwill toward others.”

There are numerous stories that concern and move us, just like Bublles. Unfortunately, animal abuse is part of the avalanche of violence that has engulfed our entire society.

We must stress the arrest and prevention of animal violence; creating knowledge about love and respect for animals is the first step.

Of course, love is the most powerful instrument for healing the scars of the past.

If we truly wish to stop violence, we must struggle every day to end the abuse of all sentient beings. May our actions serve as the finest example of what is in our hearts.

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