Rescuing an Abandoned Pooch Stranded at a Train Station After Weeks of Neglect. ‎

Four years ago, a dog was abandoned at a tube station in Lima, Peru. He was discovered fastened to a wheeled machine and given the name “Cabezón” by rescuers. Unfortunately, the straps around his torso were too tight, leaving him motionless and with his head down.

Sara Moran, the brains behind Milagros Perrunos, a small Peruvian shelter for injured canines, is unsure how “Cabezón” found up there. She believes Cabezón’s owner may have tied him up and abandoned him when he injured his hind legs. Bobblehead’s narrative is unique in that some children discovered and fed him, as well as assisted him in escaping from an object. Cabezoncito, on the other hand, was involved in an accident that left him unable to walk, according to news reports.

Nobody noticed the dog’s distress despite the everyday rush of human crowds. Cabezón was already in critical condition, according to Sara. The young men changed their minds and decided to bring Bobblehead with them to Sara’s house. She had a kind habit of taking care of stray dogs and caring for those who were severely damaged or paralysed by keeping them in specially built beds.

Sara took Cabezón to the doctor as soon as she realised something was wrong with him. Unfortunately, the news was not encouraging. Cabezón had suffered major spine damage, kidney failure, and several scrapes and sores, according to the doctor. To make matters worse, he was fully immobilised as a result of being tied to a table where he was forced to urinate and defecate, causing significant genital damage.

There’s a chance Bobblehead won’t survive, and if he does, the vet says he’ll be paralysed for life. Sara believes that in Peru, where stray animals are frequent, many owners would choose to euthanize a dog like Cabezón, who is injured and alone.

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