Poor puppy was abandoned in a dump, it shed tears when it received love from the clumsy girl

On my way home one warm sunny afternoon, I was driving along a familiar road. Something unusual piqued my interest.

I saw a little puppy around 45 days old in a forest of garbage sparkling in the evening sun. The yellow dog was rooting around in the garbage, looking for anything to eat. Despite being surrounded by dark and illicit scenes, its bright blue eyes exude positivity.

I approached the dog and sat close to it, unable to resist the anguish. I comforted her and took the snacks I always carried with me. When the dog saw me, he immediately began to eat deliciously, his eyes conveying gratitude and confidence.

I decided to take the dog to the veterinarian clinic for a wellness check since I was concerned that it had eaten contaminated food in the landfill. Fortunately, the outcome was unremarkable. The puppy is extensively examined by the veterinarian before being vaccinated to preserve its future health.

After the puppy had finished eating, I decided he deserved a good bath after a long day outside. I took him home and began to bathe him. A wave of euphoria washed over me as I gazed at the dog standing in the warm water. I massaged its head, allowing the nasty sludge and debris to dissolve more in the water.

My dog has become a member of my family. Sala, as I christened her, is brought to the toilet on a regular basis to maintain her fur nice and clean. She provides loving care for the puppies, tasty meals, and unconditional love.

Every day, SaLa and I collaborate to tell a heartwarming story about love and kindness. The puppy who previously wandered the landfill has now found a warm home and a loyal buddy, and I have found delight in caring for and loving a helpless creature.

Credit to Phuong Anh & Furry Friends

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