“Please, please: stay alive”: the last-minute rescue of the puppies is breathtaking

Man’s brutality is sometimes beyond comprehension. Despite the terrible weather, the owner of these sad puppy dogs chose to abandon them. He didn’t care about putting her life in jeopardy because he was only concerned about himself.

Whatever the cause, he will not be excused from his duty. In fact, he would have had the option of choosing alternative, less stressful choices. Nothing and no one, for example, would stop him from finding the dogs a new family. Alternatively, you could visit the nearest local foundling shelter.

Of course, they would have wanted to stay with their master indefinitely, but at the very least, they would have been looked after by a knowledgeable and experienced staff. Perhaps he didn’t even consider assisting them. He didn’t care about drawing notice or getting away with it. He was well aware of the importance of his activities, therefore he carried out all of them in secret. It can be difficult to perceive the good at times.

Then individuals arrive, instilling new hope in humanity. A woman soon found the puppies left outside while it was snowing fiercely. They would have little chance of survival at this rate. Unfortunately, one of the four animals had died in the meanwhile, but the survivors had not been informed.

The saviour escorted them to a closed and well-sheltered place without further delay. One of the little family’s members, Fido, was in severe condition, but he progressively improved as the days passed.

The volunteer took them home after keeping them in a warm place for a few hours and offering them attractive food (which they devoured in an instant!). The dogs made noticeable progress in the days that followed, until they were entirely recovered. What the woman did not anticipate was meeting other dogs who were also without an owner.

They soon made friends, and after regaining their strength, they were given to families that would love and care for them. The fitting conclusion to a heartbreaking story.

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