Man rescued pair of abandoned pit bulls, they repaid him by rescuing him from assault

Thieves broke in, gave him a black eye and tried to steal his car… but didn’t count on a pair of pit bulls determined to save their owner. It’s a reminder of how loyal and loving rescue dogs can be. Thank you to these hero pit bulls!

It is always preferable to adopt a pet from a shelter. It’s an opportunity to offer a homeless or abandoned animal a new lease on life.

And sometimes, when you rescue an animal, they may return the favour. One man found out when his adopted dogs came to save the day.

Robert McGowan found two pit bulls in a local shelter. The dogs had a terrible life and were abandoned, according to The Dodo.

Pit bulls are the most prevalent breed of dog found in shelters, and their image as dangerous dogs discourages people from adopting them.

Robert, on the other hand, adopted the dogs and named them Ellabelle and Ladybird.

He provided them with a caring home, and the pit bulls proved to be kind and affectionate dogs.
However, in a recent event, the dogs exposed their true nature.

Robert was in his garage one night when he was suddenly accosted by four strangers. They punched him, giving him a black eye, and then stole his car.

When they requested the keys, Robert told them they were inside. They had no idea what else they would discover within.

Suddenly, the two pit bulls rushed to their owner’s aid, barking and drove the attackers away.

“They chased them out,” Robert told The Dodo. “My girls ran into the garage and stood over me.”

“They stood there barking, making it clear that no one would ever hurt me again.” “The four people flew away.”
Despite the breed’s reputation, Robert claims the dogs are placid and not violent… When their loved one is threatened, they will not hesitate to get defensive.

It’s a story that demonstrates how devoted and caring rescue dogs can be. It’s easy to envision what would have happened if Robert hadn’t taken them home. Robert encouraged people to consider adopting after reading his tale.

“They’re all rescues.” He penned, “Unwanted dogs.” “They literally saved my life.” Please think about adopting a rescue. They may also save your life.”

Let us applaud these brave pit bulls! Spread the word about how amazing rescues can be by sharing this remarkable tale!

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