He Stayed In The Dark Room For His Entire Life, His Heart Pumped Hard When We Got Him Out…

When we rescued Moka on June 11th, my heart was destroyed. He was discovered in a puppy factory with numerous other dogs. It was a facility someone had rented to operate their business, but their operation had been discovered, forcing them to abandon these helpless creatures, leaving them famished and in desperate need. We chose to take in some of the puppies right away because they were little and in poor condition.

The dogs were eventually rescued by the police and municipal authorities, but the trauma they had undergone was profound. We rushed them to our veterinarian in order to provide them with the care and treatment they so sorely required. Despite their horrible circumstances, they behaved admirably.

Moka, as well as two other little puppies, required special care. Moka was the weakest, and he needed to be taken to an emergency care facility to receive oxygen support and a blood transfusion. We clung to hope, hoping that he might survive.

We took Moka for additional blood testing the next day. He was malnourished, with diseased skin that made him look like a bag of bones. He was also afraid of humans as a result of his trauma. Meanwhile, the other puppies started to show signs of improvement and were eventually adopted. Because we couldn’t accommodate everyone, others were placed in other shelters.

Moka, as well as the two remaining puppies, remained with us. Moka received his vaccines but was still had to remain in confinement for an additional week, necessitating medical support. His first brother, Nabi, was adopted, and then it was Xabi’s turn. Unfortunately, despite his progress, Moka remained feeble and appeared less appealing to potential users.

Even though I knew it wasn’t his fault, my heart went out to Moka. We made the commitment to take care of him and provide the best care possible.

Moka began to show signs of improvement after a week. He started eating on his own and his appetite improved. We made sure he got enough of sunshine, which was good for his immune system, even if he still required medical support every few days. His skin illness was treated with medicated baths.

Moka had come a long way by day 15. He was eating almost raw food on his own, had become acclimated to medicated baths, and his behaviour had substantially improved. Moka improved day by day, and we were convinced that he would soon be a perfect pet, a monument to the tremendous tenacity of animals when given the love and care they need.

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