He gets tired of being told that his dog is not his daughter and he gives them conclusive evidence

A young man has determined to quiet everyone who insists on pointing out that his dog is not his daughter. He demonstrated strong evidence on social media that his darling furball is the most important member of his family.

Although all animal lovers have a special passion for cuddly animals, there are some who go above and beyond “what is normal” and treat them as if they were their children. Many people refer to them as “perrhijos” or “gathijos”.

A young man breaks the silence by going online to demonstrate that his dog is his daughter.

In this background, a video of a young man proving that his dog is his daughter has gone viral. Several studies have revealed that in recent years, young people’s pets have taken the role of their children, and many even go so far as to humanise them, giving them the attention and purchasing items that parents normally give to their children.

The young man decided to broadcast a video on TikTok in which he provides very explicit and incontrovertible proof that his pet furball, Pepa, is truly his daughter.

The young man was apparently tired of hearing from relatives, friends, and acquaintances who insisted on reminding him that the dog was not his daughter and that he should not treat her as such.

Tired by this, he decided to give them conclusive evidence. According to the TikTok publication, “when they tell me that Pepa is not my daughter and I have to show the evidence.”

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The young man shows a photograph of an ultrasound and his beloved dog Pepa appears in the TikTok video.

Clearly stating that she is not an ordinary dog or another part of her family, but rather her daughter.

Incredibly, the video quickly went viral, with over 5.2 million views to date, as well as over 430 thousand likes and thousands of comments.

Given the sweet and intriguing film, many Internet users confirmed that the proof presented was entirely irrefutable, and that no one should question their relationship.

There were even several comments, in a complicit tone, assuring Pepa that he has his eyes and other attributes. Among the most noteworthy remarks are:

“People are very incredulous and distrustful.” “But he has your eyes!” “How can you possibly believe it?” “Those tests are unmistakable… “It’s all your genes.” “Plus he has your eyes.”

Many other people expressed empathy and stated that dogs are the most honourable and charming things that surround us, and that they are also like children.

“I also have daughters, they give me love, affection, loyalty, company, respect and many things that no one else ever gave me, I will always say that they are my daughters, I die for them.” “I congratulate you, friend, and greetings. Crazy are those who have never experienced affection like that, sincere and faithful.” My daughter is also mine. “Don’t pay attention to them, they are our children, we call them that because they are part of the family and we love them very much.”

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Although the video was published for fun, it sparked a flood of responses. Many people believe that we cannot humanise canines, while others agree with the young man. After all, these are little furry angels who completely adore us and simply wish to be loved in return.

Do you have a furry pet whom you adore like a son? Tell us in the comments.

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