Dog missing parts of brain is saved from being put down and is now the ‘happiest dog in the world’

Dogs with disabilities and medical concerns frequently struggle. They are routinely put down or abandoned by owners who do not want the obligation of caring for them.

However, as long as a dog is not in pain, they should be allowed to live and be loved just like any other dog. After being given a second chance, one crippled canine is not only doing well, but he is the “happiest dog in the world!”

In 2016, a woman called Jennifer Osborne walked into a pet store and saw Moose, a dog with a fixed smile and a large underbite.

She discovered that this was related to Moose’s congenital deformity: he was missing sections of his brain.

“Moose’s nose was pushed into his skull which caused the under-bite, crooked nose, deformed skull, deformed brain and eye issues – probably when he was still in the womb,” Jennifer stated to Metro.

Jennifer fell in love with the dog right away, and she was most concerned that Moose might be put down due to his medical concerns if he slipped into the wrong hands.

As a result, she adopted him herself, providing Moose with a safe haven.

Jennifer knew the path ahead wouldn’t be easy: Moose’s medical difficulties demanded a lot of attention.

“They affect the body and the brain and left his whole body twitching and him foaming at the mouth,” Jennifer said of his seizures.

She gave the dog an MRI, which revealed the extent of his medical issues: he didn’t have a forehead or sinuses, and he had a cyst where parts of his brain were missing.

“His front brain is squished in, but the rest of his brain is good,” Jennifer said on Instagram. “His neurologist has never seen a dog with an issue like Moose’s.”

She discovered that the dog’s seizures would last his entire life, but they could be controlled with medication and would not harm his life expectancy.

Jennifer is prepared to face any problems that come her way and is grateful to have Moose in her life. Despite this, he is a cheerful and energetic dog.

“With everything that’s happened to Moose, we’re very lucky he survived, period,” she stated to Metro. “He is literally a miracle.”

Moose walks around with a wide smile on his face, as though he’s grateful for every day he gets to live.

“He’s incredible and a blessing in my life,” Jennifer remarked. “He is the happiest dog I have ever met and I’m thankful he’s my dog.”

We’re overjoyed that Moose is doing well and having his finest, most happy life! You can follow the travels of this joyful puppy on Instagram!

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