Dog Gives Thank You Kiss to Firefighter Who Saved Him From Roof

Jeff Nawfel, captain of the Wells Fire Department in Maine, United States, was in charge of soothing this husky and gaining his trust so that he could be returned inside the house.

Dogs are widely renowned for their capacity to assist humans when needed, since they have been devoted companions of people throughout history, and their traits have been very beneficial in alleviating many responsibilities at home or in the yard. countryside.

However, there are instances when these furry friends require the assistance of people to get out of difficulties. That appears to be the case with this adorable husky dog in the town of Wells, in the state of Maine, United States.

This canine had been imprisoned on the roof of his house, as seen in a video provided by the Wells Police Department on his Facebook account, without being able to come off and without heed his owners’ requests.

Although it may appear to be a modest and simple affair, the assistance of municipal Fire Department authorities was needed to act in this case and therefore rescue the furry without injury.

According to the photographs, the official ascended to the top of the house’s roof and calmed down the canine in order to earn his trust. After they had fully understood each other, the firefighter seized him in his arms and carried him back through the window into the fireplace. However, before entering, the dog paused for a few seconds to kiss the fireman on the cheek, as if to express gratitude for the rescue.

“Wells Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel was able to free this adorable puppy that became caught on his roof.” Captain Nawfel, thank you. “Officer Steve McDonald Video,” police said in a statement.

“Thank you to everyone who contacted and assisted in his rescue,” he wrote. This rescue took place in 2018.

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