Devoted Dogs Refuse To Move From The Last Place They Saw Their Family

Suzette Hall answered her phone the other day expecting to hear about a canine in need of assistance. As the founder of Logan’s Legacy, Hall saves puppies all throughout Orange County, California, but this request was unique.

The caller reported seeing two little dogs in their neighbourhood who were acting strangely.

The dogs appeared to have been left behind by their prior owners. On top of waiting in the same spot for days, the two were adamant about not being separated.

“They would literally follow each other up the street and then back to their spot,” Hall was quoted as saying by The Dodo. “They never, ever, ever left each other’s side.”

Neighbours attempted numerous times to entice the pups, subsequently named Pongo and Lily, into their houses for shelter, but nothing worked.

After numerous futile attempts, the concerned neighbours set up a bed, food, and water for the dogs and then contacted every rescue organisation they could find.

That’s when Hall found out about them.

Hall recognised their rescue would be difficult as soon as she heard their description, because two dogs are often more difficult to trap than one. But she shortly discovered that she’d be getting some much-needed assistance: another local saviour called Chloe was also on the case.

“[I] realised an amazing [rescuer], Chloe, was asking for fosters for them,” Hall wrote on Facebook. “I’m glad Chloe and I connected. Nothing beats [rescuers] working together to save lives.”

Hall, Chloe, and their respective rescue squads sprang into action right away.

They first set up a humane dog trap with attractive treats. As Pongo and Lily approached the trap, everyone held their breath.

“[Pongo] went in so fast,” Hall wrote, “but the tiny black one was so exhausted.” But she stuck by her pal.”

Lily stayed primarily by Pongo’s side after he was caged, but she eventually walked off into another garden.

The team of rescuers grabbed some baby gates and followed her.

When Lily ran under a car for cover, the rescuers utilised baby gates to keep her from getting out again.

Lily was soon safe in Hall’s arms, with her best friend, Pongo, observing from his crate nearby.

“It was so cute to see how bonded these two were,” Hall said in a statement. “They were skinny, scared and sweet all at the same time.”

The dogs were reunited immediately and went into foster care, where they received much-needed haircuts and baths.

Today, the dogs are happier than ever and thrive on a daily basis. They’re still looking for a forever home as a package deal, but Hall knows their perfect home is just around the horizon.

After all, the two dogs have a team of rescuers working tirelessly to find them the perfect family. And that, in Hall’s opinion, generates a certain kind of magic.

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