Desperate Mother Dog Walks Miles To Find Food For Her Dying Pups

Amelia County Animal Shelter (ACAS) staff are used to receiving distressing phone calls. They have rescued innumerable dogs in Amelia County, Virginia, and have seen practically every scenario when it comes to puppies in need of help.

However, they recently received a call from customers at a nearby dollar store about a mama dog peeping inside — and the accompanying photo was unlike anything they’d ever seen.

Shoppers at Dollar General in Jetersville had spotted someone silently looking at them through the glass door earlier that day.

Surprisingly, a lone pit bull was waiting just outside the store’s exit, silently begging for attention.

Despite her tough exterior and several scratches on her body, the sweet girl had the most deep gaze in her eyes. Her new pals went out of their way to help her.

Before phoning the local animal control office, the store’s Good Samaritans left food and water for the dog.

When authorities arrived to save the dog, subsequently called Izzy, they discovered she was a nursing mother. A quick search in the neighbouring area uncovered her gorgeous brood of puppies, who were starving and in need of refuge.

The tiny, vulnerable family was picked up by rescuers and driven straight to ACAS. The crew greeted Izzy and her babies and booked a vet appointment for the next morning.

Mom and the babies went to the vet today and got checked out, pedicures and some meds to get all of them right on track’, she wrote on Facebook. “Everyone is doing good and eating well.”

Izzy, like her tiny litter, immediately won the hearts of her carers. When they weren’t watching the eager babies devour a pile of wet food, the staff spent their time snuggling with Izzy – and they soon fell in love with her.

“[Mama], aka Izzy, is such a love bug,” wrote ACAS.

The ACAS team decided to give Izzy occasional breaks from caring for her babies to help her heal from her recent tragedy.

While one adoring staff member looked after her puppies, another spent one-on-one time with Izzy, allowing her genuine personality to surface.

“Izzy [is] enjoying some time [away] from babies and [in] fresh air,” ACAS wrote on Facebook. “She is so gentle taking treats.”

Izzy and her babies are still at ACAS, working hard every day to get stronger.

They’ll be adopted as soon as they’re healthy enough. For the time being, they’re soaking up all the love their ACAS pals can give.

And with each warm embrace, the tiny family’s recollection of living outside the dollar store fades away.

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