1 month Struggle to survive, A stray mom dog without two front feet begging help for her 6 pups

This stray dog has regrettably lost both of her front paws. Take a close glance at her front legs! What happened to it?

The rescue team arrived in the dark and discovered the dog’s concealment place, a trash house full of bottles.

She has several puppies. With her legs completely gone, and she can still take care of her childs, this is extraordinary.

She was immediately rescued along with her pups.

These are her puppies. There are 6 little angels in total. Their lives must have been very difficult from the time they were born. But looking at them being so healthy, we can comprehend how hard the mother dog tried.

The whole family has been health examined and fortunately they are all healthy.

The mother dog’s name is Mary, but the puppies don’t have names yet. Do you have any suggestions for names for these 6 puppies? Please share in the comments.

After 1 week, mother dog Mary was also prepared by physicians for a surgery. Her front legs need a little work to make sure it doesn’t impair her health.

The whole family is having the time of their lives. They are full of everything, notably love from humans. Mary’s puppies also grow up very rapidly. They look so sly.

Mary finally accomplished the surgery perfectly. And 2 months after being rescued, Mary and her 6 puppies are starting a new existence. A journey where they will be loved and cared for.

We wish Mary and her 6 puppies a happy and healthy existence. If you adore Mary and these puppies, please give them a Like and comment below

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