Puppy Hobbled To Woman Begging For Food, She Gave Him Everything Instead

All the disabled puppy wanted was some food, but he got the world instead.

This is the story of Sanjo, a puppy who survived on rubbish and had been surviving on the streets since being abandoned by a cruel owner. Sanjo, who had a noticeable limp and a desperate expression in his eyes, was eventually rescued by a kind-hearted guy who couldn’t resist the need to help.

Sanjo didn’t trust his rescuer at first, but with time and compassion, he warmed up. Sanjo was determined to have congenital dysplasia, which caused his hind legs to be semi-paralyzed, after a bath and a visit to the vet clinic. Surgical repair was dangerous, with the possibility of permanent paralysis. Surgery was also highly costly. The other alternative was to take joint maintenance supplements and exercise strictly, but this could take a long time to work, if at all.

Sanjo’s rescuer, determined to give him a normal life, took him to a larger animal hospital for further assessment and treatment. The woman saved up for the surgery and gave her permission to the doctor. Sanjo was on the mend following a successful operation. To commemorate his development and newfound freedom, his rescuer decided to take him to Tengchong, Yunnan.

Sanjo and his rescuer had numerous hurdles along the way, including locating pet-friendly lodging and navigating public transportation. They did, however, witness others’ compassion and the beauty of the landscape around them. Sanjo made friends with other dogs and revelled in the freedom of running through the grass.

As Sanjo grew and healed, his rescuer realised the priceless link they had built and the joy Sanjo provided to their lives. Sanjo is now running free and enjoying life, thanks to his rescuer’s love and care.

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