Stray Dog Keeps Bringing Gifts To Local Woman Every Day, Surprised By Reason Behind

As someone committed to feeding the stray dogs near her house in Thailand, Orawan Kaewla-iat understands the act of aiding needy animals comes as its own pleasure.

But evidently, one appreciative pup benefiting from her charity feels she’s entitled a little something extra.

Orawan recently posted a heartwarming narrative of a puppy she’s been caring for, named Tua Plu, who stops by her apartment each day with his mother asking for food. Rather than waltz in to rapidly devour up the bowls of rice handed to him, as other dogs might, Tua Plu always arrives carrying a present in recompense.

“When he’s hungry, he will offer anything to get fed,” Orawan posted on Facebook, as translated by Coconuts Bangkok. “Every day he shows up with an item in his mouth — generally a leaf and sometimes a piece of paper. Before you feed other dogs, you have to feed Tua Plu and his mom.”

Here’s video of the courteous pup in action.

It’s unknown where Tua Plu learned about this compassionate act, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen dogs offer presents to people who they care about. And the cute little practice surely has gained Tua Plu a lot of new admirers.

The video above has since gone popular in Thailand and overseas, causing some persons to enquire about adopting the extremely excellent dog. (He is wearing a collar, but Orawan says that’s to keep him safe from the persecution stray dogs there regularly endure.)

Thus, with any hope, Tua Plu and his mom will soon find a forever home of their own. We know he’d enjoy it.

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