Skinny Abandoned Pit Bull Gets Everything She Dreamed Of

Daenerys, a Pit Bull, had been cruelly abandoned by her previous owner. He left his flat and took all of his stuff, which he valued more than his own dog. Daenerys sat there without food or water for days on end. Her body deteriorated as a result of famine. Every bone was visible through her skin.

Daenerys would have died of starvation if it hadn’t been for a miracle. A handyman arrived at the flat to fix the latch for new tenants and discovered Daenerys inside. She was on the verge of death. She would not have made it if he had not gone there on that particular day. He quickly summoned his good buddy Tara, who came over. The dog was awake and able to sit erect, but she couldn’t walk on her own. She resembled a skeleton. It was truly heartbreaking.

Tara, who had previous experience fostering difficult cases, took the dog in. Daenerys faced a difficult journey ahead of her. She would need to rebuild her strength in order to recuperate. Daenerys’ walk took five days. Tara gave her a well-deserved round of applause when she eventually did. Daenerys was on her way to recovery, which was a true godsend. Tara’s love, devotion, and encouragement contributed significantly to the Pit Bull’s remarkable improvement. Despite everything, Daenerys placed her trust in Tara and the other people she met along the way. Aren’t dogs wonderful?

Daenerys showed amazing progress although still underweight. She stayed warm by wearing the prettiest pyjamas. Tara then discovered the most delightful thing. Daenerys is obsessed with plush toys. She was obsessed with them! Tara reveals in the film that at any given point, the Pittie’s collection contained at least 100 plushies. She enjoyed burying her sniffer in the mound of toys and selecting the one that best suited her at the time.

Daenerys became so attached to her plushy that she would bring it with her wherever she went. Even for a lunch! The story of the miraculous dog simply keeps getting better (and cuter)! We are eternally grateful for this magnificent rescue and Daenerys’ second chance at life.

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