Locked in the dark since One month old, he was scared when the light poured in

The young soul, who had been imprisoned in an abyss of darkness since the infant age of one month, was abruptly forced into an unexpected universe as the brilliance of light invaded his world. This rapid change from the security of obscurity to the bright illumination left him shaking with fear and battling with sensations he had never experienced before.

His lightless captivity had moulded his perception of reality, creating a sanctuary where shadows were his only company. The sudden intrusion of light disrupted the routine of his murky existence, revealing him to a reality that was both brilliant and intimidating. The sudden light, which had once been a beacon of optimism, now cast menacing shadows on the walls of his safe world.

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His first reaction was fear, an involuntary recoil from the blinding light that had penetrated the sanctuary of his darkness. The fear that gripped him was not only a reaction to the brightness of the light, but a deep-seated uneasiness caused by the unfamiliarity of this brilliant intrusion. The familiar’s safety had been replaced by the unknown’s uncertainty.

As his eyes grudgingly adjusted to the bright light, he began to see the contours of a once-hidden world. Colours, which were once invisible to his perception, now painted the canvas of his life. The light’s warmth, on the other hand, did little to erase the chill of fear that stayed within him.

In this poignant transitional period, the young soul struggled with opposing emotions—awe and dread, curiosity and retreat. The journey from the safety of darkness to the exposure of light became a metaphor for the greater human experience—the appeal and dread of the unknown.

Despite this, there remains the possibility of discovery and progress in the midst of fear. Fearful of the intrusion of light, the young soul went on a journey of adaptation and acceptance. The shadows that once brought solace have now become stepping stones towards a more comprehensive awareness of the world, where the interplay of light and darkness weaves the intricate tapestry of life.

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