Abandoned Dog Refuses To Leave The Spot Where He Last Saw His Family

At the end of the day, he would always return to that exact same corner, waiting for his family to pick him up.

Can you image how hard it would be to lose your favourite dog due to unforeseeable events? All the wondering and endless questions that would come to mind as we tried to find out how to get him back?

Our furry little pals, on the other hand, suffer just as much when they are separated from their families. It’s almost always hard for children to comprehend why they were abandoned in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but a hazy memory of what once was a happy family.

Nugget, a tiny dog from South California, ended dumped on the street just a week before the Fourth of July due to family abandonment.

Despite being abandoned by his loved ones, the small dog remained faithful to the corner where he last saw them until one day, things changed for the better…

Although Little Nugget was new to the neighbourhood, he always knew how to get back to the crossroads where his family had left him.

Not once, but twice, groups of generous neighbours tried to help this tiny pup get off the street, but he always managed to get away.

Even so, he would constantly return to that same location at the end of the day, waiting for his family to pick him up. Unfortunately, that never happened.

It was the Fourth of July, and the fireworks scared little Nugget so much that he ran away, but as soon as things quieted down, he came back to his spot. Still, he appeared to be coming to terms with the notion that his family would not be coming back.

He gradually realised that everyone around him tried to help him rather than harm him little by little. He really turned up to the door of a woman who had just tried to aid him, as if begging for food.

The woman, who owned a cat, fed him, but the dog still refused to come into her home. Suzette Hall, a friend and the founder of Logan’s Legacy from Irvine, California, was then called.

“He had to put up with fireworks and people chasing after him.” “But he was so smart, he knew where to go for food,” Suzette adds.

As soon as she arrived, she noticed Nugget standing in the same spot where he had been left. She set up a humane trap and enticed him with tasty goodies, which worked flawlessly!

Nugget was in a box in Hall’s van in a matter of minutes, and they were on their way to Camino Pet Hospital.

The little dog was initially hesitant, but he soon relaxed when he realised Hall and everyone else in the hospital were his pals.

“Fortunately, we were able to deploy a trap.” And we eventually got him to safety. “He’s tiny and scared, but he’s been rescued,” Suzette posted on Facebook.

He was thoroughly examined, and he is now waiting for the pawfect owner among his carers. We can’t wait to see this South Californian beauty blossom in a new home with a family who will properly appreciate his resilient and adorable character!

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